This recipe is as simple as it gets, but the combination of these three simple ingredients makes for a party in your mouth and belly.

It comes from a restaurant in my home town, The Tall and Small, so I take zero credit. They named it the weirdo and I couldn't agree more with them, it's a weird sandwich. 

You don't need to be fussy with this recipe, any bread or peanut butter will work. I've played around with many different kinds from white, to kamut, to multigrain bread and from natural, to chunky, to kraft peanut butter. It always ends up working no matter what type of ingredients you're using. Sometimes I even use spinach or lettuce if I don't have sprouts on hand and I'm telling you, it's just as good!

The Weirdo
serves 1

Two slices of bread lightly toasted 
Alfafa Sprouts
Natural chunky peanut butter (any kind will work)
Banana Peppers

Lightly toast your bread. Spread each slice generously with peanut butter (I definitely use too much, but the more the better!). Top with sprouts and banana peppers drained of liquids. Sandwich, slice and eat up!