There's such an incredible lightness in everyones feet around here when the dramatic shift of seasons occur, and we're so lucky to be able to experience it. The relief! Oh the relief of making it through yet another winter. The sun shining longer and the days slowly getting warmer and warmer.
Strangers become your friends who you smile at in the street, who you hold the elevator door for, maybe even ask how their day is going or talk lovingly about the weather too. Everything just seems easier. We're tough to battle the winters that we do, but it makes it even more worth it to breathe in the fresh spring air, feel the sun on our skin and our bodies screaming at us to go outside and be active. 
We made it through another winter! Good job everyone. The light is here to stay, until next winter anyways. 
Sarah thrifted this amazing floral combo, and is wearing Willower belt and bag, and Zara trench. Choker and hair piece made by herself.

Enjoy this sunny Sunday. I'm heading to Italy tonight for a little trip, stay tuned.