1. Can you believe it's September? I sure can't. September is like January 1st, but even more change and pressure to start something new. This September is throwing me a little...I'm not sure why yet.

2. I'm going to New York next week to work for my talented sister at Renegade Craft Fair, and it's also going to be NYFW and I couldn't be more excited.

3. I just made pie and ate it for breakfast, and it's only Wednesday (post on recipe to come).

4. It feels like fall. I am panicking because I need more beach time. I didn't fill my usual quota, but I did go to India for 3 months and I definitely should account for that.
(coat in photos above ^^ = much needed).

5. I said goodbye to my dear eldest sister yesterday as she departed back to her home in Victoria, BC. I'm not going to see her for a long while and I wish I got to spend more time with her while she was here </3.

6. I need to regulate my sleeping more this September. I go to bed around midnight/1am and wake at 9 generally. It would be a dream to naturally awake at 8. That will be *one* September goal. 

7. I started taking NutraSea Omega-3 Supplement and I love it and recommend it to anyone and everyone. It tastes like frigging grapefruit and makes your brain, skin, hair and nails happy. I will never turn back.

8. Are you familiar with Of A Kind? If so, please swing over to your podcast app and download A Few Things with Claire and Erica. Claire and Erica are the brains behind Of A Kind and they make for very enjoyable chitchat on everything from what you eat for breakfast to conversations with strong forces in the fashion world around them in NYC. If your anything like me, you will relish in it. Heritage Radio Network

9. Project Runway season 14 has started up and I just binge watched the last 4 episodes over the past two days. It's alright...

10. I have this undeniable urge to cut my hair and dye it drastically blonde. I think it's just a phase...but I really am considering it.