I was extremely lucky and thrilled to death to be featured as a Style Maverick on The Strong House this past March. The Strong House is this a truly unique website and small curated shop supporting and promoting local Halifax creatives with a strong focus on jewellery, community and collaboration.

I love how The Strong House is all about our local jewellery designers here in Halifax. It's amazing how much talent comes out of Nova Scotia, in the jewellery sector especially. Being the sister of a jeweller and metalsmith I may be a little biased but I find myself always buying local only when it comes to jewellery, there's so much diversity and selection amongst the artists working and selling here!

When owner and curator Rebecca Taussig approached me I couldn't be more excited to wear some local jewels and style my own shoot in my favourite place- my North end nook I call home.
I sat down with Rebecca to talk shop and exchange inspirations, ideas and intentions. Like most of Halifax, we share a love for our little province and have a burning desire to share our perspectives on all the beauty that comes out of it.

Swing over to The Strong House and see for yourself the inspiration and excitement Rebecca and her team are bringing to the local love movement of Halifax!

Jewellery: Angela Grace, Caitlyn Rose, Sarah A. Sears

Leather vest & leather box chiffon tank: Maggie J. MacCormick 

Photography: Lindsay Duncan of Eldie Photography

*This post is a little belated due to being in India with only an i Pad mini at hand and the most frustrating internet connections you could possibly imagine, I wish I could have shared sooner!*