I've known Alyson for almost two years now and her photos never cease to amaze me. Every new photo she creates is a slice of heaven. From her tumblr to her instagram both are vastly different, you will be immediately drawn in won't be able to stop scrolling until you've seen it all.

I'm sure you will recognize the beautiful faces she photographs from the streets of Halifax. To me, her photos embody the true face of Halifax for a 20-something year old finding their way and forging their path.

Her portraits and subjects are striking, capturing a light and a face right in the moment. She seems to capture the beauty in almost anything at any given time. She will pop her camera out if the light changes a certain way while sitting and chatting over coffee and start to snap photos You can always tell she truly can't resist the urge to capture that moment.
Her photoshoot for Maggie J. MacCormick's fall 2014 line completely blew me away, goosebumps and a jaw drop were involved upon first viewing them myself. 

Alyson's photos embody the true face of 20-something year old in Halifax finding their way and forging their path. 

I picked Alyson's brain to find out more about her work and inspiration!

What is your favourite subject to shoot?

People! I love a good face. I find myself biting my tongue when I see really great light on a stranger in public when I have my camera on me.

What kind of camera do you shoot with?

I've shot with a lot of different cameras over the years but most of my work is with a Canon 60D 16-35mm and 85mm lens. Recently I've stumbled upon a working SLR that the guys at The Camera Repair shop on Hunter St have been lending me - a Pentax P3.

Where do you draw inspiration for your work?

Mostly from the women I choose to photograph. I've only realized recently that most of the time I'm inspired by women who have a strong sense of self, and I want that to come across in my portraits. 

Your self portraits are always very compelling, do they have a significance to you personally? What usually provokes them?

I suppose it's a more controlled way of watching myself grow up. I started shooting when I was 14, and that included self portraits. In general I find myself pretty difficult to photograph, so with self portraits I get to decide on how I want to be represented in an image and how that comes across online or on social media. It's also helped me navigate different stages in my life - such as where I'm living at the time (I've moved 4 times in 14 months).

Describe your style in three words

Clean, certain, natural. 

When you're not doing photography where can you be found?

On a bus reading, eating a peanut butter jelly sandwich at the new library (I admit I never ate one until this year) or picking the music and drinking my Mom's homemade wine at a friend's house. 

Your favourite thing about Halifax?

The people I've met! I have some of the most intelligent, hilarious, beautiful friends that are doing amazing things. The community of art, feminism, fashion, and music in Halifax all keep me very motivated and very inspired.

What's next?

Toronto! So soon! Due time for a change, I can't wait. 

A huge thanks to Alyson for letting us into her world! Follow her on instagram here, tumblr here and her website as well!