It is that awkward time of year when it's not fall any longer, and not yet winter. The chill is setting in and those wondrous fall colours are beginning to fade and fall to the ground. 
One thing about the East Coast though is no matter what time of year it is, even in the dead of winter, there's nothing more beautiful than being beside the ocean. 

I got to spend one last weekend, before the real winter sets in, at my cottage on the ocean. It's the ocean that wins our hearts over here in Nova Scotia, it's what grounds us. For that- I love the East Coast, despite those harsh winters and unpredictable summers. The weather can dictate a lot- from our mental state to what we do with our days and where we go. Because it's so extreme here in the east it can make us all a little crazy, but it keeps things interesting! 

Wearing all AKG, Top Shop boots, blanket from India, Sarah Sears Jewellery ring

Have an amazing weekend, I hope you can get to spend some time by the water too!