There's such an incredible lightness in everyones feet around here when the dramatic shift of seasons occur, and we're so lucky to be able to experience it. The relief! Oh the relief of making it through yet another winter. The sun shining longer and the days slowly getting warmer and warmer.
Strangers become your friends who you smile at in the street, who you hold the elevator door for, maybe even ask how their day is going or talk lovingly about the weather too. Everything just seems easier. We're tough to battle the winters that we do, but it makes it even more worth it to breathe in the fresh spring air, feel the sun on our skin and our bodies screaming at us to go outside and be active. 
We made it through another winter! Good job everyone. The light is here to stay, until next winter anyways. 
Sarah thrifted this amazing floral combo, and is wearing Willower belt and bag, and Zara trench. Choker and hair piece made by herself.

Enjoy this sunny Sunday. I'm heading to Italy tonight for a little trip, stay tuned.


This year's annual NSCAD Fashion Show, EPOCH, has me so excited. There is so much talent every year, but I think this year in particular is a special one. I sat down with 21 year old designer Victoria Kristofic from Collingwood Ontario to talk about her new collection for April's show. Her neutral palette and colourful embroidery speaks volumes to me! This is the 4th year's first collection and first time participating in the show. Her soft fabrics and playful silhouette's embody an ease and innocence that make you want to put on one of her "sun suits" and head for the desert sun.

Where did the inspiration from your collection come from and how has it transferred into your design process?

The inspiration for this collection comes from a few different areas. The foremost of which would be from a backpacking trip last spring that started in Portugal, and the excitement of exploring a new landscape while also taking time to slow down, step back and observe. Additionally, I've also been thinking about interior spaces, the home, and ideas of comfort and leisure. I try to translate those concepts into the collection with pieces that are light, airy and easy to wear, while still being a little cheeky and fun.  

Do you come from a background of textiles/fashion? Or has it been something you've developed in your time at NSCAD?

Actually, I initially came to NSCAD thinking I wanted to get into graphic design. However, once I saw the variety of departments and studio spaces firsthand, I decided to take advantage while the opportunity was available. Instead of moving forward within the design program, I used my second year to dabble a little more and took a whole range of studio courses from photography to jewellery design. In that year I ended up taking a screen printing for textiles course and really enjoyed it. That was my first real foray into textiles and fashion. 

Your colourful embroidery mixed with neutral/natural fabrics make for a great juxtaposition. Do you have a goal or vision that you want to achieve with your designs? 

Thanks! I think the main goal I hope to achieve with my designs would be to create pieces that are carefree and easy to wear, but still feel special. The embroidery I think adds an additional sense of playfulness, which is also super important to my overall vision. 

Does your personal style come off in the clothes that you design? 

That's hard to say. I think personal style is this incredibly elusive thing. It's easy to identify in other people, but I have no idea how to discuss it within the context of myself. But, to answer your question, I'd probably want to say yes. In the sense that I am designing a collection of casual / loungewear and I consider myself a pretty casual person who also enjoys lounging.

Describe your personal style in 3 words. 

That sounds difficult.

What is your design process? 

A lot of trial and error. I find that if I try and plan too much in advance I'll just end up changing my mind anyways, so the best thing to do is to just dive in and let things come together, then adjust from there. I also work best late at night when the studio is empty so I can spread out and make a mess. Caffeine helps. 

Where do you draw your daily inspiration from?

I am very fortunate to say that my social network is filled with both insightful and creative individuals across a variety of fields, and sharing moments with these people is hands down my greatest daily inspiration.  

When your not at the studio or at school where can you be found?

Sometimes I take the bus to the mall by myself, sample $200 face creams at Sephora, then go home. 

What is the biggest challenge you face as a designer and artist?

There's a very specific feeling that occurs when something works out or a vision comes together. Without getting too poetic, it's a kind of sense of unity or harmony/feeling of purpose that helps justify wanting to be a designer or artist in the first place, which is obviously pretty amazing. The challenge, however, lies in how ephemeral and fleeting that feeling can be. But in a way I think that's also necessary for progression and makes the successes that much sweeter. 

What's next, after this year's collection?

Thats the big question! I have another semester at NSCAD and I'm not fully decided on how to use it yet. I could definitely see trying out a line of accessories or maybe something involving furniture and interiors. I'd also love to take off and do an internship or apprenticeship abroad. Not having a plan is kind of exciting

What do you love most about Halifax, if anything?

Willy's. Double curd. Any day, Any time. 

Check out Victoria's website 

And her dreamy Instagram here

Want to see it down the runway? Be sure to get your ticket for the April 16th EPOCH (here) before they sell out! 


Because sometimes it's too cold and rainy and gross to go outside and take a picture. Spring? Come quickly please.
Check out Maggie's white pinafore, it's heavenly! It's made of a stretch denim that is oh so comfortable. Please excuse my rainy day pout.

Heading homeward for the long Easter weekend and I can't contain my excitement. Can't wait to cozy up to my cottage, good food, family, and dog, man oh man.
What is everyone up to for the long weekend?
Enjoy it!


I made this little choker while procrastinating in Sarah's jewellery studio last week. It's so dainty and delicate, I can't seem to take it off my neck! She put them into production and is making them in silver and bronze, keep your eye out for them on her website

1. I can 100% deal with this winter weather, it makes me all kinds of happy. The smallest part of me feels bad for all my winter coats and fur that barely got worn...but just the smallest part.
2. <3 daylight savings. It's so wonderful to have an extra hour of light in our lives. 
3. I have this weekend off and I'm going to spend it planning my trip to Italy in the spring, helping Sarah with jewellery and develop some new and exciting content for you guys! And sleeping, so much sleeping to be had.

Vintage Levis, Club Monaco bomber, Urban Outfitters body suit and vintage bag <3

It's almost Friday can you taste it yet?


Always admiring Sam's style. She knows what's up. Another face who I always keep an eye open for in Halifax to see what she's wearing. I just started working with Sam so you might just see some more of her, if she's willing :)

Have a great weekend.


I first spotted Monika when I moved to Halifax, walking around the North End always in black with black leather details, layered and layered upon one another. I always wondered who she was and wanted to see more of her style.
Now, through the goodness of Halifax and this teeny tiny community we reside in, I've gotten to know her quite well and she's one of the most beautiful souls around! Truly, a heart of gold.

Happy layering!
and happy weekend folks!