I made this little choker while procrastinating in Sarah's jewellery studio last week. It's so dainty and delicate, I can't seem to take it off my neck! She put them into production and is making them in silver and bronze, keep your eye out for them on her website

1. I can 100% deal with this winter weather, it makes me all kinds of happy. The smallest part of me feels bad for all my winter coats and fur that barely got worn...but just the smallest part.
2. <3 daylight savings. It's so wonderful to have an extra hour of light in our lives. 
3. I have this weekend off and I'm going to spend it planning my trip to Italy in the spring, helping Sarah with jewellery and develop some new and exciting content for you guys! And sleeping, so much sleeping to be had.

Vintage Levis, Club Monaco bomber, Urban Outfitters body suit and vintage bag <3

It's almost Friday can you taste it yet?

HI 2016

Happy New Year! I'm a little late on the draw this year. From Wish Book ending on December 24th to the general holiday madness, I didn't really have a chance to relax and unwind until after NYE. So as soon as it was all over I spent an extra 4 days at home in Antigonish, at my cottage, dealing with Wish Book aftermath and going for walks. And ignoring social media! 

I apologize for my absence. I'm back! I want to give you more this year. More recipes, more street style, more of my favourite local artists interviews. More, more more.

Pictured above I'm wearing pure lazy clothes, but nothing like a beautiful vintage mink coat from the 60's to balance it out. My Nana got this coat for me from the second-hand store she volunteers at in Antigonish. The fur she finds for me and my sister guys- it's unbelievable! She's the best. The best of the best.


It is that awkward time of year when it's not fall any longer, and not yet winter. The chill is setting in and those wondrous fall colours are beginning to fade and fall to the ground. 
One thing about the East Coast though is no matter what time of year it is, even in the dead of winter, there's nothing more beautiful than being beside the ocean. 

I got to spend one last weekend, before the real winter sets in, at my cottage on the ocean. It's the ocean that wins our hearts over here in Nova Scotia, it's what grounds us. For that- I love the East Coast, despite those harsh winters and unpredictable summers. The weather can dictate a lot- from our mental state to what we do with our days and where we go. Because it's so extreme here in the east it can make us all a little crazy, but it keeps things interesting! 

Wearing all AKG, Top Shop boots, blanket from India, Sarah Sears Jewellery ring

Have an amazing weekend, I hope you can get to spend some time by the water too!


November 1st, hello!
It's been a crazy week, from travelling to Toronto for a wedding to getting the good ol' head cold to Halloween. Looking forward to the month of November, some serious chilling to be done.
And a special project I'm working on with Sarah and Maggie, more to come on that later :)

Pants from Top Shop, Converse sneaks, Zara sweater and coat, Don't Worry Baby bag, Vegabond Vintage hat

Talk soon.


I was truly much happier than I appear in this photo. Unfortunately it's all I got!
Happy Thanksgiving guys!
I made pie, and an entire feast with my sister and mom! 
Thanksgiving has always been one of my favourite holidays. There's no expectations, no pressure of gifts and card exchanging, everyone just comes together to eat good food. What more could you ask for?
Recipe for apple pie can be found here!



We stayed in Greenpoint while at Renegade and it was a pretty amazing area that I hadn't spent a lot of time in before this visit. Good Polish vibes, wearhouses lining the streets, lots of graffiti to entertain the eyes, and lots of great coffee shops/vintage shopping.

Wearing Maggie J MacCormick (buy here) top (I think I wore this top at least 3 out of the 8 days I was there! No joke)
Sarah Sears pendent
Top Shop pants

Have a great weekend!